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Welcome to Métier Medical Limited

An Australian Company with Global Reach

Métier Medical Limited has an approach that is focused; to work with healthcare workers and companies to provide simple, safe injection solutions at affordable cost. Our core business is to deliver a range of safety injection devices which meet market demand in terms of quality, performance and affordability.

Key to our product range are the Métier Medical Safe-T-Clip™ safety needle and Safe-T-Point™ manual retractable safety syringes. Complementing these products are Métier Medical’s range of safety infusion sets and Diabetes Care products.

Backed by a highly experienced team, Métier Medical will continue to develop and source, innovative, safety engineered medical devices that will meet the changing needs in global healthcare well into the future.

Métier Medical Limited’s headquarters is based in Queensland, Australia, with subsidiary companies in the USA, Europe, and Malaysia.

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