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Métier Medical Limited and its subsidiary Medical Safety Innovations LLC bring to our distributors a unique, medical device, safety value proposition. We are aggressively delivering the latest in healthcare safety syringes and needles. We recognise that our distributors and partners require high quality, affordable safety products backed up by strong customer support. To deliver, our Companies have established partnerships with leading suppliers who cultivate our decades of experience and knowledge to successfully bring their solutions to the market.

With our exclusive world-wide territories, distributor programs, support and services, we bring our distribution partners the highest ROI opportunity. Our safety solutions enable customers to achieve a higher benefit to cost advantage with lower health worker injury risk. This is especially true in regions with high regulatory compliance requirements and mandates to provide rigorous, worker safety, best practices. Our product design and quality offers ease of use and reliability for the end user. As a result, our products appeal to healthcare workers and establishments who desire safety devices that work well and significantly lower the risk of needlestick injury.

To register your interest in partnering with us, please contact our Business Development Team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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