The growing awareness of costs involved with needlestick injury.

The growing awareness of the human and financial costs attributed to needlestick injury amongst healthcare workers has lead to an increasing number of governments globally legislating the mandatory use of safety syringes and other medical safety devices.

Who is at Risk?

Most at risk of needlestick injury are those within the healthcare sector. WHO (World Health Organisation) reports in the World Health Report 2002, that of the 35 million health-care workers worldwide, 2 million experience exposure to infectious diseases each year through needlestick injuries. Of these, nurses & other hospital workers make up 84%. Other workers at risk include veterinarians, cleaners, park-keepers, police officers, prison officers and workers involved with waste disposal including street cleaning and refuse collection.

Needlestick Injury

Overwhelmingly, nurses and other hospital workers are at high risk of needlestick injury within the workplace. Fortunately, the latest safety technologies such as Safe-T-Point and Safe-T-Clip provide a simple solution to an endemic problem.

Medical safety devices such as the Safe-T-Point range of auto and manual retractable syringes, Safe-T-Clip syringes and needles can make a significant financial and human difference. In real terms, our products exact considerable benefit for our clients and society alike. An investment in Métier Medical Ltd range of medical safety solutions will considerably alter the financial burden associated with the high occurrence of needlestick injuries within the healthcare sector.

Métier Medical Limited and its US based subsidiary Medical Safety Innovations LLC strive to be at the forefront of new and innovative technologies. With a focus on safety and to complement our Safe-T-Point and Safe-T-Clip brands we look forward to introducing a range of the latest safety technologies in the very near future.

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Safety Hypodermic Needle using Clip technology. Provides a cost effective safety syringe option. Available as Safe-T-Clip™ syringe or Safe-T-Clip™ needle. For use with any standard Luer Lock or Luer Slip Syringe.

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